Data Management Solution For Pediatric Therapy & Developmental Disability Providers

Welcome to our Amerapeutic system website. We offer a cloud-based software solution that allows you to more effectively take control of your Charting and Case Management, as well as Reimbursement through our electronic claim generation. Whether you are a stand alone Pediatric Therapist, or operating a Pediatric Therapy Clinic, or even a developmental disability provider operating a I/DD Facility, our Amerapeutic system is the easy to use, affordable solution for your overall data management needs.

Our system has been designed by providers just like yourself, which continue to utilize it daily. We encourage you to dive deeper into what we have to offer as you will see that our focus is clear. As more regulations continue to evolve, meeting those requirements demand that better tools be utilized in order to successfully establish efficiencies in your workflow. Our Amerapeutic system is that tool… saving you and your staff time by simplifying that otherwise time consuming process of documentation. Our system ensures overall accuracy you can depend on by adding edit checks and accountability measures. Most importantly our system ties vital charted data through our built-in integration to the business office to ensure more accurate billing. All In an effort to help maximize your reimbursement. The Amerapeutic system is your solution.

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For less than $2.00 a day you can start putting our Amerapeutic Pediatric Therapy EMR System to work for you!

Contact us today at 1-800-451-5351 for complete details.

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