Developmental Solution

Our Solution Is Simple… “AMP” streamlines your data management adding accuracy & efficiency for developmental pediatric therapy.

The Amerapeutic Developmental Pediatric Therapy System is a cloud based application, developed from I/DD providers. By utilizing this easy to use solution establishes automation in tracking daily attendance, client location and activity as well as automating your case management data. Data charted from attendance tracking and skill notes flow directly to our Billing module, establishing an easy and accurate method to bill you claims.  From attendance through reimbursement you can depend on the Amerapeutic solution to simplify your overall data management. Developmental pediatric therapy that’s easy to use and manage.

AMP Developmental System Features:

  • Designed for Preschool, Adults and Waiver programs
  • Admission/Demographic Entry & Monitoring
  • Attendance Monitoring with Location Tracking
  • Establish Client Goals & Objectives
  • Meal Tracking
  • Charting Daily Case Notes & Criteria and Outcome Tracking
  • Script Importing with Renewal Reminder
  • Electronic Signatures w/ Record Locking
  • Robust Reporting w/ability to Import Documents to Client Records

Amp Mobile App Available

  • User Clock-in and Client Check-in options
  • Client Tracking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Waiver Note Charting w/Odometer Tracking

AMP Developmental Billing System Features:

* Easy Charge Generation Based on Daily Case Notes
* Bill for multiple services, Preschool, Adult, Waiver and ICF
* Electronic Batch Claim Submission To Clearinghouse For All Payers
* Receive Electronic RA’s For Payment Posting
* Monitor Billed vs Paid w/Outstanding Balance Tracking
* Robust Reporting w/Custom Reporting Capabilities

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